Our Mission

The Shop was founded in 2017 with one main goal in mind; create a unique experience for any musician, regardless of their skill level or background to aid in their personal growth. 

Our Dream

We are so excited to have had this opportunity to make our business and website dream a reality. We dreamed up The Shop as a way to share our deep passion for helping musicians make their dreams a reality and we look forward to bringing so much more to the table for you and so many others down the road. We have a HUGE vision to establish The Shop as a physical location in a downtown Northwest Indiana environment. Our vision is to provide the region with a truly unique customer experience and culture-filled atmosphere for all to enjoy. Our planned physical location(s) will offer boutique equipment, music lessons, repairs, professional workshops, equipment rentals, band rehearsal spaces, and a "non-music" section fully equipped with apparel, televisions, video games, comfortable seating, and a full service coffee shop for those who may not enjoy going to the music shop, or for others simply waiting on lessons to conclude. 

Giving Back

We are passionate about serving others as well as our community and look forward to working on programs to serve others. We are looking toward developing a free music lesson program for youth in our community who are less fortunate than others and this program would be intended to provide an opportunity for those who may not normally have access to these types of programs.

Getting There

We are still in the process of figuring out how to make our dream of providing a physical location to Northwest Indiana a reality. A lot of planning, strategic input, financing, and time has to go into making our vision for a physical business location successful. We appreciate your patience while we work through these growing pains and will continue to provide you with updates as they come up.

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